Saturday, February 01, 2003
Hi there!
Spent the entire afternoon and evening @ Jon's last night.
We've finished the page, so to speak, but there are some script
setup and testing left though. Right now I'm downloading images which
I'll upload to when I get home from work today.
I've been a bit late with this weeks poem @,
and I am truly sorry for this. I'm uploading it as we speak:P
Well, I'm off! See you later!

Friday, January 31, 2003
How funny. Through WikiPedia I got in contact with
surrealist artist Daniel C. Boyer (image: Xanthuppe takes her leave).
He paints, writes and has made a couple of movies too, including The Dead Man*.
First I couldn't believe it. I mean. How often do you accidently get in touch with
celebrites throught the 'net? And even worse: artists? I don't know, but it's not often.
Read: An inquiry about Time!
(*must not be confused with Dead Man starring Johnny Depp)

Hi there! I got Zapffe's About the Tragedy a couple of days ago,
and I expect to begin this dreadful reading as soon as possible.
   Things are going better than I could've hoped for. Both my English
oral-test and my project in French became really good, now I've only
two tasks in Norwegian left.
   Today I and Kornelius are going to visit Jon, to work on and hopefully
finish the Salangen-Webdesign page.
   I've also been writing continually on both my writing-projects where one of them really
excites me, because I don't know what the final result will be.
My first one is almost finished (75%), but then I've the editing and rewriting left:P
My friend Pauly (Tao of Pauly) has been very helpful and
inspired me to go on writing. If you didn't know it from before, Pauly has written
a couple of novels and also screenplays for television companies in Hollywood.
Check out his E-Story, nearly the same concept as that I'm planning for my Wiki page.
Stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003
Presently I'm sitting here reading about Germany's role,
and how it was played, in the prelude and postlude of WW2.
   I'm thinking hard about releasing my idea: a WIKI novel page,
where YOU can edit, delete, post as much as you want:)
I've heard the php system ain't too difficult to handle,
and I'll probably test it out somewhen this afternoon. I hope it doesn't require too much space.
After all it's not a dandy design, but a userfriendly interface. Pls comment the idea!

Sitting @ school, as usually.
Had a couple of interesting discussions today. Making it worthwhile showing up.
Was Jesus the son of God? Does it really matter if he was/wasn't?
Speaking on my own behalf, I do believe a person like Jesus has existed. There are
too many scientific proofs and not only from the bible, that states his existence.
In my opinion (c'est mon avis que) it doesn't matter, because he was to our knowledge,
a revolutionary politician or rebel, frustrated over the current situation.
I do believe it's not strange a person like Jesus grew up, under the Roman siege and all..
In fact, this is proved by the knowledge we have of 4-6 Messiahs who came before him.
Hence; Jesus was a socialnatural consequence of that day's society.
I like to confront believers of Christianity with my opinions, and I find it frustrating that
most of them actually agree with me, but always ends the discussion with:
"But Jesus was the Messiah. I know that"
- you can't win when belief is involved. Well, I got to go to class. Later!

Monday, January 27, 2003
WikiPedia news:
Edited an article on Peter Wessel Zapffe, found here.
Created subarticles Den sidste Messias, The Last Messiah
and About the Tragedy*. (*coming as soon as possible)
This article will grow as I learn more of this persuasive author. If you have any information
that you're permitted to post without interfering with the ©opyright law, please post it.

Sunday, January 26, 2003
My friend, Duckula a.k.a Smuffy2000, sent me these links:
CNN World (fake!) reports Norwegian Teenager died while masturbating and
The ballad of Bilbo Baggins starring Leonard Nimoy
Tells you a bit about what that guy does with his sparetime...
   Great announcement, though; I've begun working on the China-entry for my traveldiary
located at I hope I have time to finish it this week, but I can't promise
anything because there are many pages to write and 200 pictures to go through.
Now I should be working with my french-project, but then... you know.

Sigg3 o 0 ( King Crimson - I talk to the wind )

Snow outside. King Crimson on the stereo. Sipping Earl Grey original, while
struck by the holy ghost of inspiration. Inspired by my good friend in NY, Paul from
the TAO of Pauly, mine fingers typed like possessed on the keyboard of my Remtor 1050 typewriter.
This sudden creativity tells me I'm on the road of salvation of the boring illness which has
confined me to the bed the entire week. Yet; no schoolwork done. I'm supposed to have
finished my project of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and at least 50% finished my
project which sums up my discoveries about today's chinese way of life
and that of master Zhongni's (Confucius) teachings. I've written the draft, sure, but I can't do
anything without inspiration or the right amount of pressure. The curse of stress. Hmm.
   Yesturday evening, saturday night and all, I was all alone @ home frustrated by boredom.
I interpreted my frustration to be my body's denial of Zapffe's truth. So I called new and old friends.
Deserted and left to my own observations. Great.
I hope the coming week will be more representable of the good life. heh.


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