Saturday, May 24, 2003
Sigg3 o 0 ( Pearl Jam - No Way )

Ohh, fuck! Too sleepy to wake up, too sick to eat, too hangovered to work, too awake to fall asleep, to broke to drink. Should sum up my day quite good..

The TATU girls... can't we undress - just a little?

This week's TATU news: Yes! They threatened to undress and have sexual intercourse on tonight's Melody Grand Prix, will they? Only time can tell.

More t.A.T.u news: t.A.T.u boicotted | Russian lesbo duo speaks openly about their sexlife

Friday, May 23, 2003
Guess who won the competition and won Cloroform's new album? That's right... I.

Thursday, May 22, 2003
Sigg3 o 0 ( Pearl Jam - Brain of J )

It's raining today, and for those of you who don't love the smell of rain and find these days of glory utterly boring; check out this game! That's right. Even more anti-American propaganda:)

So it's half past ten in the morning, I've got work from 2 p.m but there's no food around this place.. I'm making plans for actually having a two-course breakfast at our School cafeteria (the cantina), where they serve O.K burgers to $2.8 USD (20 NOK). The problem? Well, I've got meself a cashflow problem. It seems as though it keeps flowing out, when I'd hope it was the other way around.. Should manage $2.8 though:) I know what I'll do. I'll buy myself one or two of those burgers, visit the selected 15 stories of Pauly's Truckin' zine and print them out, grade them whilst sipping my coffe.... Sounds great.


Last night me, my friends and I enjoyed the flavour of Mack ale, a company which ain't doing so well right now due to some bad investements... So if you're one of them capitalists, send donations to: Hovedkontor og Ølbryggeri, N9291 TROMSØ, Norway. Thanks! Btw, a quote found on their homepage ( "24 timer i døgnet. 24 øl per kasse. Er det en tilfeldighet mon tro?" Which means 24 hours in a day. 24 bottles of beer per case. A coincidence?

Wednesday, May 21, 2003
As you can see I've added a couple of features to my handy-dandy menu (to your left): a SEARCH engine provided by Google and also a translation box by Hope you find it useful:)

Sigg3 o 0 ( Nirvana - Moist Vagina )

I've received another postcard from Daniel C. Boyer, thanks mate! This one is from his 2001 show in the Kerredge Gallery near Boyer's birthplace, where one also could get hors d'oeuvres and refreshments. I've never been a fan of food and drinks when looking at art. I'm into staring, staring at the picture, forget the wall, fall into the picture and take a dive into the realms of the painter. Daniel C. here has quite an interesting selection of surrealist art, based on different methods within the genre*. Take a look below:

Find more at Daniel C. Boyer's webpage:
or at the article on the artist:

(All pictures are Copyright ©2000 by Daniel C. Boyer. All rights reserved. *Surrealism is a method, not a genre.)

Tuesday, May 20, 2003
Good News has been updated with the story about a meat-producing tree!!! Check it out at! delivers today's entertainment:
Saddam, Bush & Blair singing "Mahnamahna" (from Muppets)
Saddam, Bush & Blair doing the Beatles' Help (not that great, but...)
Bush & Blair doing a love Duet... This one is absolutely fabolous!
They all require Macromedia Flash.. The last one by Solphi ( requires QuickTime too...

Monday, May 19, 2003
Here are some more facts about Cuba:)

Official Name: The republic of Cuba
Capital: Havanah
Currency: 1 cuban peso (Cu$) = 100 centavos
Payment Travelchecks not issued by an American bank.
Creditcards:Visa and Mastercard, US$
Climate: Tropical. Summer and dry from November till April, damp climate from May till October.
Water:You should drink water from the bottle.
Language: Spanish.
Religion: Christianity.
Visum: You will need a visum (/visa).
Embassy: E-mail:

Sunday, May 18, 2003
Sigg3 o 0 ( Pearl Jam - Release )

I added two more pictures to MIND THE GAP:
  • Me: A reproduction of a photo, solely airbrushed.

  • Forgjengelig: A photograph I shot this morning. Quite remarkable.

  • Now for my 16th-17th of May report:
    Started the evening with a nice meal with my mother and a couple of beers. We discussed the crucial matters of life, and I believe we also reached some interesting conclusions.. I can't remember as much as I'd like to. After three beers at elleven thirty or something like that, I moved my ass down to Kroa where some of my friends awaited. Well, they did drink too, naturally. Some left, bored or touched by the flu, but Kornelius and I kept it going till 2-3 o'clock when Kroa closed. Then we were supposed to peek into the pub, something we did, but neither the quantity of visitors or the music made us comfortable enough to stay. Marched on to the beach were me brother and his companionship had put up a tent of some sort, and they too enjoyed the intoxicated atmosphere of the 16th of May. Didn't stay there either, I mean, they're practically kids so we didn't belong in their company. Well.

    So we ended up in my house where Jon teamed up with us and we had some more beer and I found my red Masi which ended the alcoholic consumption that morning. It was then about three or four a.m, and we'd decided to go to the breakfast at school at 7 a.m, so we had to stay awake and wait. As friends do, we discussed matters of different levels of interest from wine to Dylan. The picture below is shows me and Kornelius discussing. It's shot by Jon, manipulated by yours truly.

    Sigg3 (left) discussing with Kornelius (right)

    At 7 a.m we were hungry and headed to our school were we met the few who'd survived the night. The food was terrible, but filling, and the coffe burning hot. In addition, that Masi had had it's impact, so everything tasted redwine. At half past eight or so, the rest of the people had fell asleep, but we did want to catch the parade downtown so we started wandering again. Jon disappeared to church, to get a coverage of the speach by the mayor or something like that, so me and Kornelius stumbled on our own. We tried the beach again, but everyone had gone to catch breakfast or sleep, so we just went on towards the center of Sjøvegan without too many events as I can recall, and meeting not a single soul(!). Now, the 17th was upon us, but no ppl in the streets. We had to take care of ourselves till 9 o'clock (a.m) when we met our friend, the taxidriver who I do not remember the name of, and grabbed a coffe at the local café. The discussion on various topics soon gained public interest, as our lack of sleep and politeness made us forget ourselves, and we received many a cursed word and vicious remark.

    We didn't mind, however, but after a couple of hours in that café we had to move outside to catch a glimpse of the parade. A glimpse. You see, down in Oslo (capital of Norway) or any other city south of Trondheim, the parade itself can go on for hours. Here, with a total number of local inhabitants of 2300 or so, it's done in about a quarter of an hour. And you know at least 50% of the people participating, making it all fun to watch (and laugh of). Presently we were in the grass in front of the town hall, and we discussed wether cows and horses stood or laid themselves down when they were to sleep. We received different opinions from the people; someone thought they could both stand or lay down, someone meant only the cows stood while the horses laid down, aso.. All in all, it was a very giving discussion, but made us hungry, so we went inside the café again to grab some food. When the food I ordered (sausage-mix) finally arrived, it was cold and not mixed at all (unless with itself). But I was so hungry that I thought "what the heck"! Later on, having a cigarette in the sun around twelve a.m and one p.m, we thought some beer in the sun would be nice. Thanks to our constitution, alcohol is mostly forbidden throughout the 17th of May, but we knew that the local hotel were serving dinner with beverage (which was, if you liked it to be, beer). When we came there, however, it was obvious to us that we had to buy an entire dinner to get the beer. Now, we'd just eaten and we were both a little short on cash, so we gave it all up and went on to Kulturhuset (house of culture) where we knew people were gathering to hear the annual speaches by old and young preachers (in a non-christian sense). Too many people, too many kids, no seats and no interesting beverage made us buy a soda each and leave them too. Almost falling asleep outside, shaking from the lack of sleep (28 hours) and too much coffe, and passer-by's who treated us like junkies made us decide to give up and give in to sleep. We parted at about half past two (p.m) the 17th of May, 2003.

    Now, the day wasn't entirely over, although the partying/drinking was. I woke up at 4-5 p.m, ate a little and watched an old movie on TV, went to bed again to awaken at 9 p.m and dinner - pizza. All struck out with no force left in my disrupted body, and now totally full too, I couldn't resist the couch where I stayed till about 6 a.m this morning. From then till now I've been doing some major reading (P.W Zapffe) and - of course - seen the Formula 1 race today in ?sterreich. Quite a dramatic race, with lots of excitement and even more proof of Schumacher's (of the Ferrari-team) stunning psyche as he quietly sat inside his vehicle as the fuel tank caught fire. There's no doubt about him (and his team) deserving to win! Now? Well, I've got some more pizza left, then I'll be reading some more, maybe play a little soccer with friends I've neglected lately, and who knows? Maybe the documentary on Elephants in an hour?.... All in all it was a great weekend though. It calls for a toast!

    If you want to check out other celebrations: The New Year's Eve 02-03 celebration!


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