The interNet Association Against Penguins

It's time to strike back!

"All animals are equal, but some animals - like penguins - are more equal than others." - George Orwell.

"It is about time mankind takes matter into its own hands,
and abolish this plague from the face of the earth." - Director of NAAP.

Actual statements:

I dated a penguin drugdealer!!

"I'd been dating a penguin for several months before I found out that he was the head of a massive drugoperation in town."

- Anonymous woman

Woman who dated a criminal penguin

They masturbated on our gardengoblins!

"One night me and the mrs. woke up to alot of noise in the garden. We looked out the window soon enough to see five penguins running away after they'd wrecked my lawn and masturbated on our gardengoblins."

- Anonymous old couple

Old couple who had a nightly visits by penguins

I thought they were going to kill me!

"There were three of them pulling out of a dark blue minivan with guns in their hands. They threatened to kill me if they didn't get all the money and herring I had in store. I really thought they were going to kill me."

- Anonymous shopkeeper

Robbed by armed penguins

Have YOU ever been harrased by penguins?

If so, please make sure to report it to us,
so we can make sure it won't happen again!

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