Pigeon Awareness Program

Pigeon Awareness
Pidgeons are a scam!

Think about it!
Did you ever witness the cold war? Did you ever see any evidence whatsoever which could conclude a cold war ongoing? Neither did I. The cold war was simply a front, a cover-up, to allow the two superstates to exchange illegal booze and cigarettes using nuclear submarines in international waters. The satellites, spies, and telepathic Soviet agents were only there to keep us commoners under surveillance. How would the public react if they knew that two superstates that had been at each other in the past, were friendly business partners? It would collapse the very foundation upon which economy, politics and history resided.
So they kept us under strict observation, fixing newspaper articles and setting puppet politicians up against each other on either side of the border. The cold war was a fantastic propaganda machine.
I've been thinking about this lately and have realized a fact which just makes more and more sense to me. Pidgeons are a scam. Who would ever suspect an ordinary bird to be a specially engineered tool of espionage and oppression? No one.
It's the perfect cover.
Which is why it must be true.

Scientific chartTo prove my theories I captured and dissected ten pidgeons during 2003 whilst in London. My findings were frightening. 2 out of 10 had electronic transmission devices extended from their ears with wires to the rear, were a hidden beacon set to send out the material was hidden. A micro processor was discovered near the central nerve system, carefully place not to disturb it ('cause that would surely draw attention!).

Using Assembly I discovered that the commands in the microprocessor were almost identical to those of traffic light controllers (www.phrack.org). If the operator monitored interesting material, he or she could override the pidgeons natural behaviour with a simple command. He could not control it as a robot, of course, but by and large make it stay put. I suspect there are thorough routines as to how this is done without getting noticed in, say, public space. The beacon could most likely be tracked using satellites (Global positioning system), and combined with the immer present security cameras it would provide the tools necessary for near invisible operation. Here are some of my findings:

Sequence of "listening" routine:
Fn  Force Stage  The pidgeon looses voluntary control 
PV  Hold Vehicle Stage  The pidgeon is held in physical position (nerval system overrided) 
  Wait Indicator Confirm  The pidgeon sends a signal that forced stage is successful 
FM  Fall Back Mode  The pidgeon regains voluntary control 

The beacon was highly sophisticated and unlike any I've seen before, so I suspect they can transmit data over vast distances on undetected frequencies.
scientific evidenceAs you can see from the photographic evidence there are cords running to and from the micro processor. My question was how they managed to implement the cords and the other devices without the organism rejecting them or simply refuse to cooperative. I found that the cords were normal and not of biological tissue, the only fact I can draw from this is that the brilliant device here is not the surveillance controls, but the very pidgeon itself!
The creator of this artificial animal must have been brilliant. Scary..

The ratio I discovered between the real deal and decoys were 2 to 10. In addition, you must know how to separate the real deal from the pidgeon-like-birds.
One could object that it existed pidgeons prior to the cold war. But what proof is there that these are the same as the pidgeons of today? The only thing we know for sure is that we used to have pidgeon-like birds, which is now infiltrated by the pidgeon, a listening device.

If you plan to conduct any research on this theory, please take the necessary precautions!
Don't dissect pidgeons at home.
Do not take any transmitter gear with you, as it is most likely tracked. Make sure the unit is "dead" before even daring it. If you're stopped by two official looking guys on the subway, don't say I didn't warn you.

Please notify your friends and family about this discovery. We will not stand to this surveillance.
Ok, smuggling booze and cigarettes is fine, but why are you still observing us, oh big brother?

UPDATE: Chinese scientist admit remote controlled pigeons!

- research and text by undisclosed NAAP agent.
National Association Against Penguins