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Why was this page made? Because the old browsing of was far away from user-friendly, and I had a really hard time trying to get an overview of the situation. I hope you find this scripted version (thanks to zyp!) alot easier to navigate.

What is this? This is the classic version of It contains texts I wrote in 2001, in the very beginning of my online era as a blogger, but since the amount of information was so vast and uncategorized, I found it hard to keep up-to-date and finally I abolished it. I didn't delete it, however, and this part of the page has without a doubt drawn more users to my server than anyone of the other sections, so I decided to keep it. Hence, it will not be updated, it will not be modified to be STRICT HTML (now it is a html-clone-language I practically made up for myself). This is a dead part of the server, a graveyard, but highly informative as such.

If you want to read current news, check out my blog; Just another weblog
and don't forget the modern (and growing) NEW AND ENHANCED!

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