New Year's Eve 02-03
This temp. page is a documentation of Sigg3's New Year's Eve celabration, which was parted into three parts;
  1. @ home and downtown watching the fireworks. (till about 1:30 a.m)
  2. @ Trygve's. (1:30 a.m to about 3-4 a.m)
  3. @ Kornelius'. (stayed there till about 10:30 a.m)
ALL pictures below are taken by Sigg3, NONE of them are contaminated by his great looks:)
None of the persons photographed are based on real characters or anything similar.

@ home and downtown watching the fireworks

Having done my part at work, I returned home only to find myself forced to help making dinner, something I didn't mind at all. Actually, it was pretty fun, considering Chinese ain't easy to make:)
Done eating we saw our King's annual NYE speach, something becoming a tradition within our family, then we left our house to join the rest of the village downtown to see the fireworks show (at about 9-9:30 p.m). Last year our village's celebration was called the best within Norway:P
The fireworks was enormous, but I didn't bring the, 'cause it was like -25 degrees Celsius outside..
stayed there until the old year (02) was over and I'd wished everyone a happy new year.
this is the table just before I left. Champagne (Lanson), Red wine, candy and so on..:)

@ Trygve's.

I walked to Kornelius', but since it was all empty I crossed over to Trygve's where the gang was. I was greated with a beer-stinking roar from the crowd, since I'd come a bit later than I'd said I would, so ppl had begun thinking I never came. But me and mr. Pernod (+ a sixpack) came, and we were merry:P
the table @ trygve's The table over @ Trygve's. The gay-looking drink is mine..
showing off Showing off :Some of the guys really enjoy being photographed, so I took this picture to satisfy their needs to show off:)
It's all good It's all good :TT-boy assuring me the beer's good.
Advert Advert :Another useless, but funny, picture of TT boy.
Nerds will be nerds Nerds will be nerds :Some of the guys couldn't help but discussing computer games..FUN!
Hard thinking Hard thinking :Sometimes it can be difficult following the topic... Take your time!

@ Kornelius'.

We didn't want to bother Trygve's family so much, so after a while we were going to Kornelius. I hadn't seen him all evening, but then I remembered that he was supposed to attend at a wedding (a couple of his neighbours were getting married)... When we reached his house, in one, cold piece:) he was there and there was much rejoicineg.
UNTIL he revealed that he was going back to the wedding, since they served free alcohol.. I thought about going too, but it would have been too bad if I had been thrown out and into the cold... Since pictures speak more than a 1000 words, here you go:
the speach The speach :This is Kornelius giving us a behave when I'm not around speach.
3 boys and Eddie 3 boys and Eddie 
pretty drunk Pretty drunk :Getting somewhere:)
another discussion Another (game) discussion :For some reason we started discussing old SEGA and NINTENDO heroes..?
Taking a nap Taking a nap
fucking up:) Fucking with the sleepy one
TTboy admiring his work.. TT-boy admiring his work on Trygve :a profile..
Even Kurt Cobain was there! Even Kurt was there! :That's right. In addition Tom Waits was singing for us:)
only us three left Only us three left only the hardcoredrinkers are left at daybreak (10-10:30 a.m)

I was home again at 10:30 a.m the 1st of January 2003, and I probably ate some Chinese food or chocolate pudding before I went to bed, where I spent the rest of the 1st..:)
All that remains is to wish ya'll a:

Happy New Year!

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