molde jazz festival 2001

entry written: 29.07.01
concerning the molde jazz festival 16/07 to 21/07
Molde Jazz Festival 2001

Molde Jazz Festival:

So I went this year to see Molde Jazz festival, and it can be described in one word: GREAT! I stayed in a boathouse which I lend from my family, the perfect solution when you're at a festival. Nice weather, sunny, made the mood good, and people where smiling as I passed by. Well, to the important part, I came in on tuesday (17/07) and reached the Pat Metheny and Jan Gunnar Hoff Group session at Alexandra, and luckily I'd tickets 'cause they're all sold out. The first concert was kind of a disappointment though, not considering the extremely well music, 'cause I came late to the good seats and had to hang around the bar..
mr. B.B. King himself! But the festival tottally redeemed itself, when I on the next day went to see the one and only king of blues, mr. B.B. King himself!

This concert was outdoors and I'd been standing in line as one of the first, so the space I got was great. To warm up to this legend of music, buskErud consisting of Vidar Busk and Knut Reiersrud w/band did a fairly good job but it wasn't till the ending of the warming up they really kicked major ass! So after a long jam, in which I enjoyed every second of it, buskErud got off the stage and some real american bluesplayers entered the stage. The king was running a bit late, but at this concert one didn't wait in vain. He delivered a great show with some great blues, a great way handling the crowds (some 4-6000 people) and he really made everyone mistaken of the energy (and drinking beer) of old people (he's 76 now). It was a real kick. That day as tuesday I had no more concerts, but I knew this day would stay long in my mind. so then it was suddenly thursday (19/07) and I wasn't really excited before any of the concerts, cause I had never heard of Charlie Hayden or James Carter before... Pat Metheny was a great guitarplayer I reckoned, from the Alexandra concert, but when I had found my seat and relaxed for a while, I revealed that this was a duet concert (Missouri Sky Duets)... so my expectations where really low, and I was surprised at / and learned how talented two musicians could be, and how full of rythm a duet could be. It was really great, but as many of the people I spoke to later, I found the music very calm, as in 'I-could-sleep-now' calm. And I almost did.. untill I woke up before the extra-number and had to rush down to Alexandra to not make the same mistake as on tuesday.
Pat Metheny and Charlie Haden James Carter with Chasin' the gipsy
the missouri sky duets really surprised with quality music James Carter with Chasin the Gipsy kicked alot of ass!!

I were going to see James Carter and the people of chasin' the gipsy, consisting of four interesting musicians - like Marlene Rice on violin (she was a hurricane on that instrument!), Bruce Edwards on guitar (as good as he was fat:), and Ralph Armstrong on bass, not to mention the rasta drummer, Eli Fountain, with great rythms (mostly mainstream) and great spirit. So I bought myself a Pernod on the rocks, and sat down to be amazed! These people made me think twice on the mainstream jazz genre, as a challenging genre and not just like the blues... Friday (20/07) I went up to the Romsdal Museum again (where I'd seen BB), to listen to some hip-hop and soul. To warm up for the goddess of soul, Erykah Badu from Texas, D'Sound (norwegian hip-hop group) jumped on stage and delivered a one and a half hour show which thrilled all fourteen-years-old.. I was not so thrilled. Believe me: the drummer was good (could have released himself some more), the bassplayer awesome/astonishing, good vocals and interesting organ+sampler, but the music alltogether was boring having heard the end of the third song... [ check out some D'Sound tracks ] ... When the waiting was finnally over, I was really disappointed to discover that soul is just not my kind of music, and after an hour I just went to the boathouse and read a book as well...:) Saturday would be my last day in the city of Molde (/city of roses), as I was going to visit some family in the area for the next two days. So if I was going to catch a concert or a session, it had to be in the afternoon, therefore I choosed Cloroform (three sick, norwegian fellows, playing all from punk to jazz:) against Harlem Gospel Quartet (four great singers from the ghetto of NY). This was intensive, aggressive, free, rocked up punkjazz, combined with rythmic negro spirituals and gutshaking hallelujah just had to love it!!! [ download gospel demo ]
three sick bastards norwegian cloroform and NY's Harlem Gospel Quartet rocked up my leaving of this years' Molde Jazz festival.. thank you very much!
[ cloroform homepage ]

After having seen the last (not to mention sick) concert, I packed my stuff and left town... It had been a great week, with more ups than downs, and hopefully I will do this again sometime..

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