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reviewing the faithless new album 'outrospective'


it's become urban house:

for a long time (since their Reverence album was released in '96) I've been a fan of this band/project, cause the lyrics, the music, the whole package appeals to me in a strange way. They have (or at least as I have reckoned) underground status, and this makes me like it even more.. They consist of four main elements named Sister Bliss (polish keyboard/piano player, mixer), Maxi Jazz (lyrics, rap), Rollo (songwriter, dance producer/remixer), Jamie Catto (doesn't listen to club music, vocals, cannabis), who combined with other (coming and going) elements such as Dido, Pauline Taylor, Boy George, Dave Randall among others. All of which have different lifestyles, culture and knowledge to create intelligent, interesting music. Now, before I do Outrospective, let's first sum up some facts concerning the previous albums;
Reverence - great techno most of it. the track 'reverence' really made an impression. the diversity from i.e. Salva Mea to If Lovin' you is wrong is .. huge. appealing to me when I first (by coincidense, if there's anything like that) bought it with the remix cd Irreverence, was the great words by the G.O.D Maxi Jazz, and stunning music by Rollo/Sister Bliss. It all had an unpersonal, but reverend feel, and I was hooked..
Sunday 8 p.m. - this album released in 1998, and I bought it expecting some new techno tracks having seen God is a DJ on MTV, but boy was I wrong! opening with sweet jazz in the garden I was tottally stunned by beauty itself. Going from reverence to sunday 8 p.m was like leaping over a mountain. faithless had become alot more personal in their lyrics, and this is what THE TIMES wrote: "House, Funk Hip Hop, Jazz, call it what you like this music has got soul." ..later next year came Saturday 9 a.m, a remix add, but I never got to buy it.
Back to Mine - I found out about this CD by the internet (god bless!), and it's a remix album where Sister Bliss and Rollo have remixed alot of drawnback music from their own collection, therefore the name. This record is very drawnback as mentioned, and extremely formed the way I see Faithless as a serious project. Music like Tindersticks, Dido and Michael Jackson are also featured, another reason to buy it! (Maxi Jazz is absent in this remix CD, but it still has his (or Faithless') puffed atmosphere.)

Maxi Jazz from the GOD is a DJ video
Maxi Jazz from the God is a DJ video
as you might understand, following up with this band if being a techno/trance teen is difficult. Luckily I changed from being that, after discovering this music WITH soul. I'll try to connect you to part of this soul, so maybe you too can be saved. Going to the 'outrospective', you've 12 tracks:
  1. Donny X
  2. Not Enuff Love
  3. We Come 1
  4. Crazy English Summers
  5. Muhammad Ali
  6. Machines R Us
  7. One Step Too Far
  8. Tarantula
  9. Giving Myself Away
  10. Code
  11. Evergreen
  12. Liontamer
some of course better than others. Like Donny X and code which are intermissions, and not half as good as Not Enuff Love or Giving Myself Away, though they serve a purpouse, creating a total image of this piece. Lyrics have changed from being (as mentioned) reverend, to concerning love/family/God, to this urban description of life and love. "Dirty, Cold, Hurting, Soul. Down the river. My liver in bad condition. Like my skin. Rain falling, once again. I'm in my bed. Hurt the time in. I'm gonna struggle for air. There's hair in my food. When I get it usually someone already half ate it. Touch it, not to let it. Get me down. But my head starting to pad. People go round, and round and round" (taken from Not Enuff Love as an example of Maxi Jazz' great descriptions - here describing the situation for homeless people. I've been to London myself and seen the misoury right there in the street! But describing so much with so few words is just genious. Number nine on this album is also a great description of modern times' life. Here's an extract of the song, which is about the lacking love in a relationship: "I told my woman she was beautiful Ten Times a Day. Ten Times a Day she would Smile, and look away. I end up throwing my love down a bottomless pit. And giving myself away..." Combined with detailed somehow minimalistic house-jazz, it draws the ultimate musical image of sorrow and not being able to do anything. And speaking of which, this hole record appears to me as a great piece of art. An artwork describing this entire question of being in a modern world...
I recommend this album along with each and one of previous released albums, and I recommend coming music by this breathtaking soulfilled project. To my knowledge this is one of the greatest albums I've heard!
Faithless - a project with soul
Quiet. Still you feel there's something going on. Until you realize the space behind your eyes is filling up with something like peace, your thoughts seize. Pleasure grows in your soul.

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