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Taizé 2002

Inspired by last year's experiences, I accepted my mother's offer, to go to Taizé on her cost. The triggering event was my sister who wanted to see what the h*ll we were doing in France last year, so she asked...
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Merry Christmas?

X-mas is coming. Down the chimney we've Santa Claus bringing the kids presents, while Jesus (eh, from the Bible) is all forgotten. Who is this Santa anyway?
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World War Three?

after the terrorist act in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, what can we expect from the USA?? Everybody know they follow a naive policy, and most probably we'll see the USA attack the Arab Emirates or other nations in the middle-east. But can this become the third world war?
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Four days on a mount.:

I've been doing nothing for my vacation, as you can read more about deeper into my diary, so I decided to join my mother and littlebrother for a mountain-tour.. and I am not in a good condition:)
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One week in peace:

I am not a believer, but I seek. About one month after christmas, my mother asked me and my brother if we're interested in going to a monastery in France. This place was called Taizé, and should be unlike any other in the world.
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faithless' new OUTROSPECTIVE
Faithless' new Outrospective:

for a long time (since their Reverence album was released in '96) I've been a fan of this band/project, cause the lyrics, the music, the whole package appeals to me in a strange way...
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Molde Jazz Festival:

So I went this year to see Molde Jazz festival, and it can be described in one word: GREAT! I stayed in a boathouse which I lend from my family, the perfect solution when you're at a festival.
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